Herbal Dieter's Slimming Tea

$ 15.99

Diabetics - Contact your physician before use. (Due to Chinese Herbs)
Use our all natural herbal laxative tea for regular bowel activity. It was long known that certain ancient Chinese herbs that used for treatment of imbalance in the body's immune and detoxification systems worked especially well to lose weight.  This unique blend of Oriental herbs can be prepared in the form of regular tea-bags while maintaining efficacy. Losing weight is as easy as sipping a fragrant cup of herbal tea. The product contains Malva Verticellata.
  • All natural herbal laxative tea
  • Eliminate excess fat
  • Improve immune and circulation function.

Do not exceed 7 straight days of use.

You should read labels, instructions, warning and consult your general health practitioner about the product prior to any use.


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